Famous cigar smokers

A cigar is made up of a rolled bundle that contains dried and fermented tobacco leaves. These leaves are made to be smoked by lighting the cigar at it’s front. It was first introduced in the 20th century and is comprised of three components, namely, the filler, the binder leaf and the wrapper leaf. There are different types of cigars of different categories such as, American barrel aged cigar, vintage cigar, etc.  So what cigars, lighters and cutters are preferred by celebrities so let’s see who are the famous cigar smokers.

What do you smoke a cigar?

You might have heard from online and offline and sources that smoking is not good for health and will lead to cancer so why do people smoke cigars then?. However, you should realise that there are benefits to smoking if practiced in a righteous manner. The major benefits of smoking a cigar in a proper manner are:

  • Obesity

Smoking, if practiced in the right manner, does reduce your probability of becoming over weight. In addition, in the year 1920, tobacco companies targeted woman ass their priority to reduce weight.

  • Parkinson’s disease

This may seem a little far-fetched and impractical to you but smoking also reduces risks of getting a Parkinson’s disease. Survey indicates that this theory was true for the last 20 years and that caffeine does hold some protective properties as well.

Famous Cigar smokers in the world

The famous cigar smokers have led a luxury lifestyle and have not had their physical health compromised while smoking cigars. Some of the names of the famous people are as follows:

  • Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a famous person who led the country during the military event of his period. He began smoking first in the Caribbean and continued to do so because he liked its taste. From then on, some of the manufacturers began naming the cigar after his name.

  • Sigman Freud

Sigman Freud was a father of modern psychoanalysis who had loved smoking cigar since their introduction. As the years progressed, it became an addiction and he would soon begin smoking 20 cigars per day habit. Soon, he developed an oral cancer.

  • John F.Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was the late president of the United States in 1961 and had a great affinity to smoke cigars. Although he did smoke cigars occasionally, he would did so to look and be positive throughout his life.

In conclusion, smoking cigars was always considered fashionable and there have been many famous cigar smokers in the world who made it their style.