Left Handed Golf Glove

To excel in Golf, you have to ensure that the equipment you use is comfortable and sustaining to the requirements of the game. One such important tool required for every golfer is a golf glove. These gloves can be found at major retailing stores and often inexpensive. The golf gloves are usually worn on the lead hand, that is, if you are a right handed hitter then the glove is worn on the left hand and vice versa. It is again up to the preference of the golfer to wear gloves, some like to remove it in order to feel the clubface of the ball.

If you are a right handed golfer, then wearing a glove on the left hand has the following advantages:

  • Grip: The key reason for employing a golf glove is to enhance the grip due to its increased tackiness as compared to skin. It helps to hold the club better and restricts any unwanted movement of it. It also helps the golfers to increase the hold on the club and this it is particularly useful for those, who have loose grips. Also, there are specialty gloves available which provide advantages of grip in certain weather conditions such as rain or snow.
  • Blister Prevention: If you hold the club too tightly for a long time and swing repeatedly, it is common to experience blisters and callous on the skin. Although the glove cannot entirely prevent it, the thickness of the material can reduce the wear on the hand due to the hold of the club. Alternatively, you can also tape your hands in the areas of the grip in order to prevent the blisters.
  • Warmth: Gloves come in a variety of materials depending on the intended use. But the most commonly used are leather and synthetic gloves. Although most of the golfers wear gloves on only one hand, if the weather is cold or inclement, it is advisable to wear the specialty gloves in both the hands. This keeps the hands dry which improves stiffness important for executing accurate motions of the club.

No matter what quality of gloves you buy, they wear out pretty quickly. Therefore it is essential to keep replacing them. One tip while removing gloves is to take them off from the fingers first instead of rolling them out.