Belinda cigar review

If we talk about tobacco for anyone it is a secret that is native to tropical America and has been used initially by its curative effects, you can lick, smoke, sniff and chew tobacco, with all senses you can enjoy, tobacco connoisseurs they  never despise a good Cuban above all accompanied by a good glass of bourbon to relax and have a good time. In this Belinda cigar review you’ll see that the cigar has its roots in Cuba but is one of the best-aged tobaccos in Honduras come from a rich Honduran walnut with two types of wrapping for the soft or sturdy smoker.

The origins

Original since the nineteenth century approximately from 1890 but became more popular and its greatest apogee was between the I and II World War and have been maintained due to its high quality and because it preserves the flavors of yesteryear it is the return to good times according to some say. From different Belinda cigar review articles you can see that are machine-finished, short-tripled Habanos manufactured in the region Vuelta Abajo with leaves that cannot be used for hand-arm.

In this Belinda cigar review you’ll see that it has different smoking experience recommended for those who start or want to taste a Cuban-style tobacco with old flavor without excessive cost.

The Vitolas of Belinda Cigar are considered of the best vintage tobaccos with a taste of mild to medium recognized by exquisite smokers by high quality and tone of Woody flavor, with sweet notes and to caramel that is discovered to the extent that but not only in this tobacco  draws attention to the cigar itself, but its presentation its case and its images are a luxury presentation to those who like vintage appearance in modern products.

About Cigar

It is a cigar of about 150 x 41mm comes cut ready to smoke its appearance is a bit crude but soft to the touch, the combustion ring is suitable. This Belinda cigar review you’ll that it comes in two varieties Petit Princess and Coronitas superfine which vary by the size and the leaves of tobacco used for its elaboration being the one a cigar of soft flavor for those who want to feel the taste of a good habanero but not desire the strong flavor that penetrates by its senses, on the other hand this the black Belinda cigar has a dark and dense smoke not suitable for weak of heart.

Remember that smoking is harmful to your health and for the environment.