Cifuentes cigars review

Cuba being the first to produce Cigars having built their economy on state owned rum factories and cigar factories. Today, additional income can be drawn from offering tours to the general public. Many cigar funs have flocked to immerse themselves in the aroma of an unlit cigar and the aroma of tobacco leaves.

In this Cifuentes cigar review, you’ll find out all about these cigars. They are manufactured in the Partagas factory. The Partagas factory has, along with most Cuban cigar brands, a long and rich history.


Cifuentes cigar review starts with basic information about the the Partagas factory that was built in 1845 by a Spaniard immigrant by the name of Don Jaime Partagas y Ravelo. The Partagas factory was a part of a combination of plantations acquired in the region of Vuelta Abajo in Havana. By 1950 Partagas was the second bestselling cigar brand in the world but there was threat of civil unrest and the Havana revolution would alter the course of the economy dramatically. After the takeover of Fidel Castro, the tobacco industry became a state-owned.

The Cifuentes cigar review also shows why Ramon Cifuentes, with the new governance of the tobacco industry, decided to leave the company. The main reason for it is that he has been excluded from the American market because of the government intervention. Cifuentes then sought to register a trademark with General Cigar so he could sell them to the American market. Finally, settling in Dominica Republic a brand reborn and became the best-selling in America.

Reborn of Cifuentes

Cifuentes Cigars are made in Dominica and retailing for $4 USD per package with four bones in the pack. Cifuentes Cigars are also known as Cifuentes Partagas and are a dark and toothy Cuban-seed wrapper. The plants used to make Cifuentes Cigars are grown on Dominica and are full of flavor. The flavor can be described as oak, cream, earth and pepper.

There are eight different types of Cifuentes Cigars which are; Alteza Reales with a ring of 57/64 inch, Cristal Tubo with ring 44/64 inch, Cubanitos with a ring of 29/64 inch, Emboquillados No.5 with a ring of 29, Habanitos with a ring of 29, Petit Bouquets ring 37 and Super Estupendos ring 47 and Vegueritos ring 37.

In this Cifuentes cigar review, it needs to be mentioned that Cifuentes was at the center of the legal battle with the Cuban tobacco industry and the sale of Cabanas in the USA when he filed his trademark with the General Cigar. The Tobacco industry originated from Cuba and saw several changes after the Havana revolution, some of which say the discontinuation of some longstanding brands like Cabanas.