Cohiba cigars review

Christopher Columbus came to the new world and found the indigenous people ” drinking smoke” in 1492 on the island of Cuba. The plant these people were enjoying as referred to as “Cohiba” which is usually wrapped in maize (corn) or palm leaves then dipping in sea water before smoking. Reading this Cohiba cigar review, you’ll find out a lot about it.

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Fast forward to the early 1800 where the Spaniards and Germans set up industries and registered trademarks to sell cigars to central Europe and Russia. To present the Cuban government still has firm control over the cigar companies that use tobacco leaves native to the island.

This Cohiba cigar review reveals that the term is derived from the natives of the new world and owned by a company that has a very colorful ownership. Cohiba can be legally purchased in the United states but these products are products of Dominica Republic made by General Cigar. Now Cohiba Cuba has a trademark in 113 countries dating back to 1972 but did not register a trademark in the United States of America. With the acquisition of Culbro Corporation by General Cigar has seen Culbro Corporation register a trademark with the brand “Cohiba” in the United States of America. The Cuban owned company Empresa Cubana (Cubatobacco) and General cigar have been locked in a legal battle over the sale of products in the United States for over 17 years.

To whom it belongs?

Under Us law there is a Cuban Asset control regulation which prohibits the sale of Cuban merchandise in the USA. The Cuban Asset control regulation or (CACR) has resulted in the denial of a trademark acquisition by Cubatobacco from General Cigar for sale of the Cohiba products in the USA. The legal matter is ongoing and has since gone to the US Patent and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board on February 2016.

Cohiba Cohiba

Cohiba Cigars are primarily a Cuban product that has a factory in Partagas which produces a medium bodied Cigar since 1982. Cohiba cigars started out with the Lancero, the Corona Especiale and the Panetela. Cohiba Cigars later saw the addition of Esplendido, Robusto and Exquisito added in 1989. Cohiba Cigars added the Siglo in 1992 in celebration of the 500th year anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the Caribbean.

The Cohiba cigar review shows that these have an average rating of 7.7 with the highest attributed to Sublime Le 2004 with 90 points and the lowest for Panetelas with 72 points.

If you didn’t know anything about it before, this Cohiba cigar review gave you a much clearer picture.